About Eva

30 years ago Eva Austen, a curious pharmacy assistant in Melbourne Australia began exploring her love of oils and skincare. She tested expensive skincare brands but Eva was concerned about many of the conventional ingredients being widely used for cleansing and moisturising. She began experimenting, blending her own healing oil. Eva tested her products only on her own skin, which quickly took on a beautiful, smooth glow and overall improved appearance. Eva’s oil blend both cleansed and moisturised, saving time and leaving her skin looking and feeling incredible. The arrays of expensive creams were once again tried by the burgeoning scientist only to find them heavy to the touch and tiresome to apply in comparison to her own oil blend.

Working at the airport since 2003, Eva was often asked by travellers, fellow colleagues and air stewards the secret of her flawless youthful beautiful skin. Her miracle product quickly improved the skin of these frequent fliers and airport workers exposed to the constant harsh conditions of flying and the buildings when waiting to fly. Once they tried the simple solution and got the results they were after they were of course hooked. In typical Australian fashion the word spread quickly and her satisfied customer base was born.Oil O Eve has gone on from a moisturising cleanser to an almost cure all relief for various skin conditions like brown spots, turtle necks, uneven skin tone, eczema, acne and scarring. Eva feels blessed to have found her beauty secret in simple things.